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Welcome to the Saiga Conversion!

The comments, techniques and procedures on the following pages are strictly my opinion. In no way am I liable for any damage or injury caused to you or your firearm by following these methods.

I have always wanted a good quality AK type rifle but am not real impressed with the current selection available at the local shops. I stumbled upon a few sites and you tube videos explaining how to convert a so called “hunting rifle” into a legitimate AK. In addition, said hunting rifle is built in the mother of all AK factories in Russia. I was sold right then. I ordered my Saiga 7.62 the very next week.

Now I realize there are plenty of websites and videos on this very same process and most will probably be of better instruction than mine. however, I still want to record and document my build every step of the way. I will be building this rifle on a very limited budget with very limited tools. I hope to prove that anyone can convert and produce a quality AK with little knowledge and skill.

There are several steps to converting your Saiga to a more standard type AK. I will be documenting all of these steps to the best of my ability. In addition, some of the mods I will be completing are not necessary and just a personal preference.  Remember, the most important thing is that you remain 922r compliant. Do your research and figure out the best options for your build. They may not necessarily agree with what you find here.